Adams Jewelers is not limited to the services listed below. Our number one service is ensuring customer satisfaction. We will do our best to fix every jewelry issue. If we can’t fix it, we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Rings can be sized larger or smaller by our experienced jewelers
If your ring shank is too thin it could break. We can add a new half shank or a full shank to increase your ring’s durability and thickness
Our jewelers can perform gold,silver and lead soldering when needed on the premises
Diamonds and colored stones can be set by our expert jeweler in Prong, Bead, Bezel, Pave or flat settings & more
We can upgrade or repair your Diamond or colored stones for less than the cost of purchasing new stones
Batteries are installed by our professional employees in minutes. Attempting installation yourself can be risky and damage the watch
In order to ensure that your precious stones do not get lost, we will check prongs to guarantee a tight fit.
We recommend cleaning your ring’s prongs every 3-6 months. We provide this service free of charge.
Two 14k beads are placed on the inside of your ring’s shank to deter top heavy rings from turning
We can custom fit watchbands while you wait
We recommend appraising your Diamond jewelry once a year to help protect your investment from loss, theft,or damage. We appraise all new Diamond purchases free of charge
Have your new Adams Jewelers purchase custom engraved by our expert with over 30 years of experience.
We recommend that well-worn pearls be restrung once a year. We provide this service along with adding or subtracting pearls from your strand.
We provide free estimates by our watch-maker with over 50 years of experience.